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Getting people to notice your email is an uphill slog. You're competing with countless other missives, Facebook updates, Twitter notifications, meeting requests, and who knows what else that's currently cramming your inbox. So how do you get your recipients to sit up and take notice of your incredibly important email message? ALL CAPS? Exclamation marks!!!!! Mark as urgent? Brevity? Nope.

Negativity and pessimism.

This according to a study by Contactually who analyzed over 100 million email conversations. Negativity elicits faster replies, perhaps because they imply an emergency of some sort, or consequences in a way your cheery, upbeat message doesn't.

The study also finds that pessimists tend to respond faster than their happier counterparts. 64% of Eeyores respond within the day as compared to 47% of Tiggers.

Before you go all emo in the office - how about getting those important collaborative files out of email and into a space dedicated to getting work done. Social Document Editing means you get to keep your sunny disposition. Otherwise you're going to need to start cranking up the passive-aggressive and begin firing off thinly veiled threats to your co-workers to ensure your projects get noticed! ...stupidhead.

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